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Civil Engineering

Applied in: Winter 2011

University Offers: Imperial College

I have always been excited by structures like the Millau viaduct in France, the tallest bridge in the world. Its construction was a technological challenge because of its 856 meter central span and its resistance to 200 km/h winds. I regularly read the magazine Ingenia; I particularly enjoyed the 48th issue's article on the construction of the Hindhead Tunnel, the second longest road tunnel in the UK completed last July. I am very interested in engineering in general; in applying the field of theories, mathematical rules and exact results to the reality of the surrounding world.

An Engineering degree is therefore a logical choice for me. I opted to study for a scientific Baccalaureat, and the further mathematics option helped me improve my knowledge. I have also been studying an additional mathematics course in English for two years. As part of my Baccalaureat Coursework last year I selected Satellites for my topic. I demonstrated and worked with several basic rules of physic such as the orbital and escape velocities and Newton's law of universal gravitation. I learnt that both the speed and altitude of a satellite must be included between two values so the satellite does not fall to Earth nor escape the Earth's gravitation. It convinced me that engineers always have constraints to deal with and must do precise research before resolving a problem.

My work experience this summer was with the French Civil Engineering company ITP, which designs pipelines for deep sea petroleum transport. I studied several pipeline design techniques such as the pipe-in-pipe; ITP's pipelines are made of two interlocked Izoflex pipes with a vacuum between them. The Izoflex is a microporous insulator which resists the water pressure in deep seas. It provides significant material cost savings and has the lowest thermal conductivity on the market: the petroleum does not cool down thanks to the insulator.

Indeed profitability is a key point in any engineering production. I also summarized information on all ITP's contracts during the past five years for statistical reasons. I realized how team spirit and teamwork are crucial to an engineer, as he belongs to a team where everyone has a specific role and good communication is essential. I have developed these qualities in numerous spare-time activities like sport. I am a member of a football team, a game where team spirit is essential. I play golf regularly (handicap 16.0); these sports teach me both precision and competition. Music has been one of my hobbies for three years: I started playing classical and electric guitar and created a music band three years ago. Patience as well as determination allowed me to achieve Grade 6 last year.

As a member of the French Scouts in London, I have managed the budget and been responsible for communication over the past five years. Last Easter, we took part in a London to Paris five day cycle ride to raise funds for charity. All these activities have helped me to acquire the determination to never give up.

I am French, have lived in London for the past seven years and have been studying Spanish for six years. I have also travelled extensively and as a result speak three widely used languages. I spent three weeks at Yale University last summer, where I worked with students from all over the world. The international outlook we had on our courses showed me the richness of world cooperation in the professional world. As an example, the recent research on the neutrino speed, which could call into question Einstein's theory of relativity, proved the necessity of international cooperation in the world of science.

During my university years I look forward to meeting students with different cultures and to sharing work experiences. I very much hope to have the opportunity to follow an engineering degree in an internationally renowned British university, as I believe that I have the required skills to become a highly qualified engineer.

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