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Computer Science

Author: Cedric Colle

Applied in: Winter 2011

University Offers: Imperial College

My dual American-French citizenship has generated in me, very early on, a global perception of the world. Having spent all my life in the UK and the US has fostered an international mindset in me. I am fluent in both English and French but also have studied Spanish six years on and taken Chinese lessons to gain a cultural openness to the Eastern World.

Constantly striving to do my best and improve through hard work, I have high curiosity for sciences, mathematics and logic. That is why I am currently preparing for the Scientific French baccalaureate with the further mathematics option alongside. This is also why I attended a three-week summer program at Yale University, where I took professional mathematics (applications of mathematics in real life, such as game theory, by using probabilities and statistics) and cryptography courses, which allowed me to enhance my logical thinking. Among the many things I learnt, I was particularly captivated by cracking Enigma codes, used during the Second World War, for the perseverance and rigor it requires.

I wish to study management, as I am very fond of its communicative feature and the diversity of the course, or information management or computing for the logical and mathematical aspect of this pioneering subject. Studying information systems, innovation management or quantitative mathematical methods particularly intrigue me and would create the best foundation towards a career as a manager in an international IT firm. I believe that the ability to communicate with people in their native languages is foremost for a management career as it allows a better interaction.

My interest for management really hatched during a week of work experience at the Harbour Club last year. For the whole week, I was given the opportunity to meet all heads of departments, apprehend the department’s management and organise tennis tournaments by using computers. Working on computers made me realize how pivotal the place of these engines is in a world that keeps changing and innovating. I also attended the daily staff meeting to understand the issues the company faces and what its aims are. Likewise, the Club gave me the task to make a presentation on what the main issues of the Club were and what solutions I could bring to it. This experience truly allowed me to understand the administration of an enterprise and how to face the probable difficulties it encounters, which reinforced my wish to study management afterwards.

I am also keen on getting involved for others and have therefore completed a volunteering internship for the British Red Cross, where I took along the opportunity to analyze the running of the shop and meet the customers. I sincerely take pleasure in travelling around the world to discover new languages, cultures and understandings of this world. Having a competitive temper, I am fond of many sports. I played tennis at the Queen’s Club for five years and am still practicing regularly. I also attended a tennis summer program at Amherst University. Among other sports, I am also fond of football. Being a player for the French Embassy and establishing a team with my schoolmates has led me to develop my team spirit. Finally I went on a summer camp in Canada where I was really encouraged to socialize, meet new people and work in teams. I strongly think that the communication skills I earned there will benefit me to work as a manager.

In this way, I believe my experiences at school and in the real world have prepared me to be a well-rounded candidate for the course I wish to study. I aspire to enter a British world-renowned university where I will benefit from the opportunity to meet people from all across the globe. But also, I am looking forward to discover many things and contribute actively to the university.

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