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International Relations

Applied in: Winter 2017

University Offers: King's College

Our ever changing, globalising and evolving world intrigues me to the point where I want to know more, understand more and learn more about it. Complex interdependence, non-state actors, such as international institutions role in the international system and geopolitics are all topics I wish to discover more about and that is fundamentally why I want to study international relations.

I have been a member of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) Finland since 2014 and have participated in regional sessions from which I have been selected to national and international sessions. With EYP I have worked on various topics, including the refugee crisis, illegal immigration and youth involvement in peace building and conflict prevention. Working on these topics has both assured me that it is within this field I wish to work and has taught me multiple skills. With EYP I have also achieved international experience by engaging with delegations from all around the world, and I have gained insight into how diverse societies work together. In addition I have greatly developed my public speaking skills, problem solving skills and learnt how to work in a high-pace, demanding work environment. I have equally learnt to form developed and innovative opinions, which I have been able to communicate in a logical and persuasive manner. With the help of this platform I have seen how politics shape the world and have begun to wonder if the diverse societies of the world we live in can ever function as one united human community, without conflict.

I was also a member of my school’s student board, where I attained responsibility and have for two years represented the students of my school. This I have executed as the student representative in my school’s administration board where I conveyed the students opinions and ideas and guaranteed that we remain heard and considered. Additionally, I have helped with the charity work my school takes part in, such as the Hunger Day, where we raised money for the Red Cross.

I have experienced several different educational systems and spent my childhood in Brussels, one of the most multicultural cities of Europe as well as in Riga, Latvia and Pretoria, South Africa which has given me an international perspective. Various points of views that come from numerous cultures spread around the world have taught me that politics don’t just affect the world on a global or national level, but an individual one as well.

I chose a number of very different subjects at school, ranging from geography to chemistry as well as a wide range of languages. I speak English, Finnish and French fluently, Italian and Spanish at intermediate level as well as Turkish. Each of my subjects has given me a wide general knowledge and a unique set of skills. With chemistry and also my work experience in the Chemistry Lab Gadolin I have obtained problem solving skills and learnt about the concrete, physical world. With biology and psychology I have learnt about people, from both the biological and psychological approach, and knowledge about people is in my opinion essential in Politics, considering we are the ones who create them. Lastly, with geography and economics I have become more aware of the current situations in the world, in a political, economical and social sense. It is this knowledge that I wish to expand in order to really understand how and why the Politics and current international relations we speak of have come to be.

Ultimately, I am a hard working and devoted student with a true interest in international relations. My aim is to increase my understanding of the world of which I am a part and the numerous factors influencing it. From this degree I seek to acquire the knowledge and skills to go on to make a change towards a smoother interaction for a consensus without conflict.

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